Trump Lifts Restrictions on Sudanese Nationals Entry to US

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the decision by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump lifting Sudan name from the list of countries whose citizens are restricted from entering the US.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has affirmed that the competent agencies of the state are capable of monitoring the movement of travelers from and via the Sudanese airports.

A statement issued by the Ministry yesterday pointed out that the states with its available qualification,  expertise, systems, equipment, and connections are capable of verifying and checking travelers identities and exchange of information and cooperation with all counterpart agencies in the friendly countries.

The ministry said the American move represents an important positive development in the progress of bilateral relations between the two countries and a natural outcome of a lengthy and frank dialogue and joint efforts by many competent agencies from the two sides as well as close cooperation between the two countries on regional and international issues of mutual concern.
The ministry affirmed government resolve for exerting more efforts with the US Administration for removing any obstacles facing full normalization of relations in a manner that realizes common interests.

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