Excellent Guides Tanzania opens its doors to the U.S travel market

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Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd., the only East African safari tour company that is fully owned and operated by local Tanzanian guides, has opened its doors to the U.S. Travel Market.

Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd. provides an alternative option for travelers seeking a more localized travel experience with all the safety and assurances of an international tour company.

Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd. offers the full African safari experience to meet any budget and length of travel time available, including traditional game viewing safaris, cultural experiences in local villages, walking safaris and mountain climbing expeditions on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd. is the only East African company that gives customers the freedom to read tour guide profiles and select their own safari guide to lead their expedition.  In addition, the company gives travelers the unique opportunity of a home stay experience for those who want to learn more about the local people, their way of life and to immerse themselves in the culture.

Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd.’s mission is to make a visit to East Africa more affordable and within travel-reach for Americans, by offering personalized customer service to customize the best possible itinerary within their budget range.

“We formed Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd. because we wanted to start a company that was fully owned and operated by local safari guides who are on the ground every day with customers and know exactly what they want out of the experience,” said Samson Simon, Director of Excellent Guides Tanzania, Ltd.  “Every safari guide has shares in the company and a stake in making it the best possible experience for our customers. There is no other company in East Africa that distributes its shares to its safari guides and supports the local economy the way we do. From the beginning, we have worked to create a business that leaves a positive footprint on society. We give back to our community by donating a percentage of our proceeds to local schools and to the Tanzania Tour Guides Association, the Tanzania Porters Association and the Kilimanjaro Guides Association.”

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